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Ups and downs and ups and downs

So bloody hot!

It's hot and humid and sticky and it's like New Orleans in the early summer. The buses are even hotter, our room in the attice are even worse, and we're all just baking alive here...

Well, except at work, where the air conditioning is at subzero temperatures and today we finally got our hands on the keys for the windows. It took us a few attempts to get our frozen fingers around the key without them snapping off, but, eventually, we got the window open and the warm air slowly seeped through, making everyone on the webteam much happier.

But, hey, it's warm and reminds me entirely of New Orleans. So I got amazingly homesick today. Ended up in the library looking at cajun cooking books and trying not to sob. Feeling it all a little too hard and a little too close for my own good.

I got better, though. It's funny -- every time I start to have a bad moment where the entire world is letting me down -- something shows up that totally throws me and makes me realize the world is actually far better than you think.

Like, a couple of weeks ago, I was nearly crying all the time and I was freaked out and -- all of the sudden -- boom! While waiting for the bus, these homeless guys saw my Milk & Cheese t-shirt and declared me the coolest woman in the universe, going on and on about how fabulous I was.

And today, nearly in tears because I wasn't in New Orleans, I wasn't in Los Angeles, I wasn't anywhere but I was still feeling the heat and the humidity, and as I walked around the library, I passed by an internet terminal and this guy was looking at a Charisma Carpenter site.

Little things -- they slap you upside the head and go "Yo motherfucker! Things are goddamned cool!"


I'm watching Six Feet Under now. It has become yet another one of my TV crack of choice, so I will do little dances and watch a lot of TV.

It's all about David's big cheesy grin when he falls in love. It's about the soft flow of Mrs. Fisher's hair. It's about Claire and Brenda sharing cigarettes.

It's all fabulousness. Oh yes.

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