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goldfish and rings

I have bad luck with goldfish.

Well, I should append this. I had bad luck with goldfish. When I thought "Hey, I'll get a fish! It'll be a pet that doesn't do much!" while I was living in New Orleans, I took the bus to the pet store, picked out a wonderful glass bowl and a nice little fish, did a little dance as I took the bus back home, popped the fish into the bowl, and admired him.

Then he died that day.

"Well, shit," I said, flushing the fish and then hopping on the bus again to get another one.

That one died too.

"Fuck!" I shouted. I drained the bowl and set new water out to sit flat for several days. I washed the bowl and cleaned the area and got everything perfectly ready.

I waited a week, then went back to the pet store and bought another fish.

Two days, this time.


No more goldfish for me.

(Later, I bought one of those aquababies aquariums, and that lasted rather well, because I took it to work, and instead of my way-too-hot apartment, they had nice air-conditioned office space and rather loved it. And there were other fish I had when I was a kid that thrived rather well. And, hell, Dad's fish even breed for him. So it's not all fish. Just goldfish.)

So with my track record, it wouldn't be wise for me to suggest that the web team here at work gets a pet goldfish, huh?

No, that'd be a bad idea. I'm the only one who has any sort of goldfish experience, and I kill them. So the web team having a goldfish wouldn't be wise. Not wise at all.

His name is Cheggers. He has a webcam.

Keep your fingers crossed -- we have a seven day guarantee on our goldfish.


It certainly has lived up the office, though. We look at the fish, we smile, we go home, we look at the fish on the webcam, we smile, it's all good. We named his castle (Cheggers' Palace), and the gaudily painted dinosaur in the tank with him (Beryl), and just generally created our favoritest member of the web team.

So, yes, Cheggers the happy goldfish.

(And any "So, has Cheggers gone pop yet?" jokes will be ignored.)


Aside from that, I've just been goofing off, mainly. Watching a variety of stolid British entertainment -- there's The League Of Gentlemen on Thursdays now, and the new season is a complete and utter mindfuck -- but in a good way. And then on Wednesday, BBC2 started the miniseries adaptation of Tipping The Velvet, which makes me very happy.

And not just because it's all lesbian sex. Honestly. I actually rather do enjoy the book, and I'm certain I would enjoy it even without the sex scenes. Although they do make it more interesting...

And last night, I saw Don't Look Now for the first time and was...well, it was cool, but Donald Sutherland and sex are two things I never want to have in the same scene ever ever ever again.

And isn't it fabulous that Keifer isn't taking after his father too much in the looks department? 'cause...gah. Donald Sutherland's orgasm face is something I never want to see again.

(And now I can just imagine the strange google hits I'm going to get now...)


I've also been learning how to make sprites -- not the fancy programming stuff, the really silly tiny computer art images people make. You can see a whole bunch of them at Prima Donna, which also has the basic bodies I used to make these:

Sadako Samara

And they might have only been fun because I was making Ring related ones. Ring is my latest addiction and the closer the US gets to see The Ring, the more jealous I get. I must see this movie. I simply must.


And this actually segues rather nicely into something I just did. If you got here because of this banner:

ring banner

Congratulations! You've been sucked in by Ring! Learn more at Ringworld! And go see The Ring!

Oh, and, don't worry about dying. 'cause I'm too lazy to even send emails...

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