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still sick. this sucks.


I have spent the past two days suffering from the flu. I've been coughing, sniffling, aching, and just generally being miserable.

I took two days off of work, and it was only today that I felt well enough to wash my hair, to not spend all day sleeping, and to go to the pharmacy to pick up flu medication.

And although I have adapted well to England, and have readily accepted my inability to find certain things that I got used to in the US, the inability to get DayQuil/NyQuil was just about to kill me...

Luckily, however, there is this stuff called Day Nurse/Night Nurse which seems to be the same thing -- but we'll see how that works. I've just taken the Night Nurse pills and if they knock me out cold within a half hour, then I'll know I have the right kind of drugs.

C'mon Night Nurse. Give me that fix I need.


I'm still coughing like a tuberculosis ward, though. And I still feel like a shuffling zombie. Beware the children of the infections, what horrific hacking sounds they make...

But it's not all bad. We got a box from my father today filled with goodies (DingDongs! Oh merciful lord, little foil-wrapped packets of goodness! Who cares if they caused customs to stop the package and carefully go through the contents?), and a Halloween card from Halle, Jesse, and the baby, which made me happy. Because of Halloween. Which I love.

And when I went to the pharmacy today, I also stopped off at some other shops and picked up...

Well, she was 3.99. So it's okay, right?

I bought a Britney Spears doll.

Not a small one. One of those 12-inch hideous looking ones with the giant nose and the bad hair. The ones that make Barbie look like the most beautiful woman in the world. The ones that don't actually resemble Britney at all and, therefore, depress me to no end.

But 3.99, man! How could I resist?


I also picked up a large amount of chocolate for cheap, Lord Of The Rings fruit snacks (no, I was surprised too. You don't expect to find "Fruits Of The Shire"!), and just generally made myself feel a bit better by finding random things.

Am still massively sick, though. Coughing and miserable.

But watching Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan helped my mood. And now the husband is watching the French-language version for kicks. The French-speaking Admiral Kirk is a hell of a lot more suave sounding than the regular Admiral Kirk. He's just like " are you Saavik...I am French...we always talk this way..." So fabulous.

Spock's a little stilted and wrong, and Khan's just missing the amazing campness necessary, but, hey, Kirk has more than enough style about him to manage.


Woo. I think the drugs are about to kick in. Life is grand...

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