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Slacker bitch

You know, you're like "Fuck the world! Fuck this! Fuck that! I'm sick! I hate everything! Boo!" and you don't go out and you just hide under the bed and pretend nothing exists.

You ignore that you were going to go into town to buy a long white dress and a black wig to get the right Sadako look, and you were going to various other places in town, because you're still coughing up a lung or two, and you're still miserable, and tired, and all you want to do is sleep and space out...

And you're crabby, but then, y'know, it's late at night, and Angel is on, and suddenly, bam! Cordelia's in a bikini.


Yep. See? Life is good.


And, yeah, I didn't get a lot done today. I played with a site I'm working on, I played with a Ring/Buffy crossover I'm writing, I cooked dinner, I slept, yay, the excitement.

Maybe I'll have the energy to do something tomorrow. I kinda doubt it, but, hey, it's a distinct possibility. Somewhere.

Instead, I will watch Angel, have my Cordelia love, and chill.

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