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Productive! That's me!

Wow, you can be really freakin' productive even when you can't leave the house. Throw in some gale force winds where you're convinced that the second you step outside a house will fall on you and a little bitch will steal your ruby slippers, and you suddenly get really fucking productive.

See, on Thursday, there's going to be an electrician coming to the house to see about the wiring. And he'll have to check out the wiring in our room.

Which means that we have to clean up. Of course.

So we did. We cleaned like Gods!

It began with the dusting, organising and boxing of old Star Trek tapes. I teased the husband mercilessly about having purchased them (three seasons of Voyager! Not on sale! Ha-ha!), and worked out quite the list for future eBay sales. Once we cleared out those shelves, then it was time for me to fill them with books! Finally, I have a bookcase, after two years of living here.

And I am strangely anal about shelving. I can't explain it, I really can't. But, aside from making sure that the nonfiction is separated from the fiction and keeping all the books by the same author together, which I'm sure a lot of people do, I also organize by size.

The highest and thickest books are on the left, and the books on the shelf slowly dwindle in size.

And I have to do this. With all bookcases that I'm organizing. It doesn't matter what books they are, it doesn't matter about alphabetical order or whatever. If they're my books and I'm organizing them, it's entirely about size.

It just looks better. I can't explain why.


So, yeah, I filled up the bookcase pretty damn quickly, then moved around a bunch of boxes right and left to move books, filling up three printer paper boxes as well. Organized my comic books again, organized the CDs I had sitting around, organized a bunch of magazines and pieces of paper I had lying around, and just generally cleaned cleaned cleaned.

We're fucking impressive, we are! It's all clean and kind and fabulous, although we still need to buy a couple of bookshelves and a CD shelf set, clear out and remove the desk that's supposed to be mine and is just covered with junk, and moving things around to clear up space.

But, hey, we'll get this place lookin' ship-shape by Thursday, despite all the running around we're going to do.

Tuesday, I get to go out for Chinese and drinks on the company's expense, since we're having the good strong leaving do for someone I'll actually terribly miss at work -- he showed me the ropes and just generally taught me how to be extremely geeky and mellow at the same time.

Wednesday, it's a leaving do for the husband's workplace, which means drinks. And I'm hoping to book an eyebrow waxing and a haircut, which leads into...

Halloween! Okay, I'm not really doing anything on Halloween exactly, at least, nothing really big. I might go to a pub for a drink or two, but, aside from that, nothing. Listening to a lot of Oingo Boingo and wearing t-shirts with skulls on them. That sort of thing.

But Friday...oh, sweet Friday. A party at work that's Buffy themed and has a costume contest. I realize that it's highly unlikely I'll win, because, dude, I work at one of the most creative places in England, but, dude, okay, I love my costume.

What am I going as?

Ascending Cordelia

Yes, I am going as Higher Being Ascending Cordelia!

I have a white jacket, a white shirt, a white skirt, a slip to go underneath the white skirt, and a bunch of Christmas lights to go on the slip. The hair gets bleached, the lights get turned on, I look holy, and boom! I'm Cordelia! Yee-haw!


Well, okay, I'll admit, it'll look shite. I don't look like Charisma Carpenter at all, the skirt's too tight, the jacket's worse, and the shirt's supersized. It's all going to look wrong, but, hey, it'll be amusing, to say the least.

Although I thought of other costumes I could do really quickly.

Is it possible that I'm a Halloween geek? I am the queen of insta-costumes!

And this doesn't even get into how easy it would be to be Velma.

But, hey, did I mention how productive I was today? Did I?

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