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are we not men?

I am evolving.

Well, okay, no, I'm not evolving in the giant brain or mutant powers or something like that. Hell, I'm not even evolving emotionally -- no moving on right and left.

Evolving only in the sense of doing new things. Modifying parts of me.

I got my hair cut today. I got several inches cut off and it all pretty much thinned out. It took the hairstylist an hour to do it, because she had to go through all of it and thin it all out.

And it hurt. I always have a hard time dealing with my hair being cut, because my scalp's really sensitive to being pulled. When they wash, I'm in a lot of pain, because they're always yanking, and then, this time, she pulled the hair up and cut off little bits as she did it. Yank, snip, yank some more. And there I am, wincing and sighing and trying not to start yelling and cursing.

Luckily, she then realized it hurt, and started doing it a lot easier.

But, man, that was the most painful thing I went through today. And I also got my eyebrows waxed and got a tattoo.


Yeah, how about that?

I was going to get this:

blue dahlia

A blue dahlia, just like Daisy in The Blue Dahlia. A story from Jen, and, yeah, I know that's lame, but it's like...I don't know. I was reading a lot of Grant Morrison when I first thought of it, and it was about becoming the fictional character -- taking the personality inside of me, a totem of the fictional world inside and outside.

I don't know. It was an idea.

But when I got to the studio, I saw something that was a lot more stylized, and a lot better looking. It's a flower, stylized, with a small flower inside of it, and I had it done in blue and purple and, currently, it looks amazing.

I don't have a photo of it yet, but I will tomorrow. Oh definitely.

The artist was fabulous too -- we talked about comic books and things like that -- he had a huge pile of graphic novels right by his chair, and he showed me the Marvel tattoos he did in the past -- Magneto and Wolverine on men's calves, things like that.

It was fantastic just being able to sit there and read The Authority while he buzzed away on my left arm.


So I got a tattoo and a haircut, walked around town and just generally had a fabulous afternoon. I was so glad I took it off from work, just a few hours of coolness.

And I think I'm being cool and fabulous. I am becoming Daisy, I am the coolest fucker on the planet. Spin spin spin, I am becoming something.

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