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Aw, monkeybollocks.

I am the biggest slacker that ever slacked. I am such a slacker that people can't even measure my slackerness on the Slacker Richter scale. I slack in a way that future university students will study in Slacker Culture 101.

I done slack.

Well, okay, I didn't really slack. Like, when you think about everything I did between Halloween and now, I did a hell of a lot.

But I just feel like I slacked, because I only wrote one part of my novel for National Novel Writing Month.

Yeah, I got suckered into that too. Foolish me.

I can justify it, though. I'm just writing pornography. Girl-girl action with some postmodern sleaze thrown in. And it's just called we got panache. So call it Princess Superstar meets The Invisibles meets Susie Bright. Two girls against the world, rubbing against each other. Woo boy.

If I can only write the bloody thing. Instead I'm just sort of staring at it blankly. Bah.


However, I think I can blame my cold on that one. Yes, I have another goddamned cold.

It's getting to the point where I'm thinking that I should never go out to parties, because I'm bound to get colds. It happened at the wedding I went to, and then this weekend, it was the Halloween party at work.

I had fun, despite the crappy band and the sheer amount of smoke in the room, and I won second place with my Season Three Ascending Cordelia costume (beaten only by one of the games designers who dressed as Lorne -- green paint, wig, horns and all), so yeah, it was a kickass event.

I have pictures, but they're on a roll of film I need to finish and develop. So it'll be awhile, knowing me. Unless I fill it up with the random things I find.

But it was truly fuckin' groovy just to be wearing my Cordelia outfit and seeing all the cool stuff and just having fun.

I love Halloween. I can't help myself. It's a family tradition, it's a way of life, and goddamn, I finally had a good Halloween.


I also got to see Donnie Darko on Halloween night, which was appropriately creepy for the day. Definitely weird, but I did enjoy it, right down to the ultra-tacky 80s' soundtrack. And just groovy enough with the vague scifi magical realism mayhem to make everything all right.

I spent yesterday in bed, getting out of the bed just to go down the street to see the Colwick Theatre Club perform their "adult farce," which was filled with people forgetting lines and cheap props and cheaper acting skills, but, hey, what do you expect from a local club? It was moderately enjoyable, and my father-in-law directed it, so what else can I say?

And then, today, we just decided to have a massive movie blast -- three movies in one day, because it's always fun fun fun!

We were going to possibly see four, but then we decided against it. I could've done it, but, no, don't want to overdo it. Besides, The Shield was on.

We started with 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle's latest project. Which was an enjoyable little science fiction piece. Not exactly a zombie movie, not exactly a hard scifi movie, but in the same vein as The Omega Man and pretty much exactly the same quality. It was shot entirely in digital video, which was interesting, but a bit distracting -- certain scenes were extremely blurry, and slightly headache-inducing.

After that, we had a break for lunch, and then it was They, a low-rent horror movie with low-rent actors...and Marc Blucas.

It was surprisingly decent -- a good cheap horror movie with nice effects and it's properly chilling with good surround-sound -- all the little scritterings and shrieks all over the place... Nice.

And Marc Blucas should be my boyfriend. He's just so...I don't know. He's so nice. Every time he's on the screen, he just exudes niceness and sweetness and I just want him to move in with me. To move furniture. And garden. And do things around the house. I'd pay him in beer and a basketball court and pie.

I bet he'd like pie. Lots of pie.

We rushed from one theater to another, to catch this new Hong Kong horror movie, The Eye, which was appropriately fuckin' scary. Not as bad as Ringu, but with a fabulous creepiness overall.

A woman gets a cornea transplant, and she starts seeing things. Not just dead people, but these shadowy things that are just around her at all times.

A fucking excellent movie. Has real chills, has a fucking brilliant ending, and I enjoyed it greatly.

Oh! And I saw a trailer for The Ring! Which means that it must be coming soon! I hope I hope I hope I hope. I am such a little fangirl over that movie that I just pray it comes really soon.


So I spent all that time seeing movies and goofing off, getting high off of cold medicine and spacing out that I had absolutely no braincells to write.

Queen of all Slack! Slack-a-go-go!

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