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I am a bear.

Yes, I am going to throw out the exhaustion excuse again. It's a good excuse, damnit.

And this time, it's taken on a whole new level. Like I'm beginning to be convinced that I'm not actually human, I'm secretly a grizzly bear that my parents found in the woods, took home, applied a lot of electrolysis to, and raised up as human. And every winter, I still have this primal instinct to hibernate.

Hibernation sounds so good right now. Just curling up somewhere and sleep sleep sleep....



But, no, aside from the urge to sleep all the time, I'm doing all right. Unfortunately, the urge to sleep all the time also means that when I get home, I usually have the energy to do one thing, and when it comes down to it, the journal's more or less low on priorities -- first comes the site updates, then come the new sites, then comes the journal. And being that I'm usually out before I finish the first, well...



I just hope I don't keep on falling asleep this weekend, for that would suck.

What am I doing this weekend? I'm glad you asked.

Saturday morning, we're catching the train down to London. Saturday night, we're going to see What The Night Is For, a new play with Gillian Anderson in it. Rumor has it that if the thought of her being topless is getting more ticket sales, then she'll be topless. Either way, it'll be fabulous.

Then on Sunday, we're going to see Michael Moore talk, which will be a lot of fun. In a depressing "Oh fuck, we're all damned" sort of way.

And then, hopefully, on Monday, we'll go to the Royal Academy of the Arts to see their new Aztec exhibition -- the greatest collection of Aztec artifacts collected outside of Mexico. I'm so very there -- it sounds faaaabulous.

And then it's home again home again on Tuesday, after spending a fabulous time in London. I'm so excited about this -- it'll be great to have a holiday.

And it's so terribly cultured -- we'll have to come home and watch Celebrity Big Brother or something to get those smarts out of our heads...

(I kid -- I could never bring myself to watch something so tacky as that...)


I know I had more to say, but I find myself completely and utterly distracted by The Lord Of The Peeps: The Fellowship Of The Peeps. It's The Lord Of The Rings! In Peeps form! How fantastic!

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