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pre-holiday jitters. Wheeeee

So tired. But, luckily, going to bed soon, so you don't have to hear me whine about how tired I am.

I've packed, I've gotten books to read and tapes to listen to, clothes to wear to plays and clothes to wear to museums and clothes to wear while spending and wandering, and the small bit of makeup and luxuries I feel the need. I've got everything I could need and probably a few things I don't, but, meh, whatever, right?

Right now, I'm watching the MTV Europe Awards and realizing that since I moved out of New Orleans, I know more about current pop than I know about current hip-hop.

Damn. I actually liked knowing about the New Orleans rap scene -- I liked seeing Juvenile filming down at the projects and knowing who he was. That was freakin' cool.

(And my God, how many times can P. Diddy change his clothes? And is Whitney any more of a crackhead?)


That and it was cool and obscure to listen to UK glam rock bands -- whereas, here, if you're listening to Slade, it must be Christmas and only Christmas.


So I'm going to London tomorrow, and I'm downright giddy. Well, in a very understated tired way. I'm oddly more giddy about the Aztec exhibition than anything else -- which means that I am a lame lame creature.

I must be cool. I must be mellow. Because, otherwise, I will be spending all my time jumping up and down and shrieking in delight while the husband looks embarrassed and hides in an entirely different part of the museum alltogether.

And it'll be fun to have four days where I don't have to think about HTML at all -- although I know I will, because I bloody dream about HTML -- and four days where I won't have to update anything.

So, today, I launched the Princess Superstar fanlisting, since I needed to and I had time and, well, hell, it was fun. In a strange way.


Aw, hellfire. All that I was thinking has disappeared. Instead, yes, I will see y'all come Tuesday, with tales of West End plays and Aztec sacrifices.

Can't. Wait.

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