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new addiction. for shame!

I've trying to figure things out here.

I figured that this should probably be a bit more scenes and pieces instead of, like, a day-to-day account.

'Cause no one really wants to hear boring things, huh?

Yeah. If you want random day-to-day things, head to my livejournal. This is stuff you can read over time.


I'm slipping into a new fandom, which is a bit weird. Actually, it's really weird.

I'm getting in Harry Potter.

Before I continue, let me say one thing:

If anything I said before this felt insulting or damaging or not polite to people in Harry Potter fandom, I apologize.

Also, I still have particular views on the books, on the movies, and on the characters. The kids still piss me off, the adults are still cardboard pantomine characters, and I don't know why I like it.

But I do. Oh God, I do.


It started last February. I went "Yeah, I can read The Philosopher's Stone easy as anything. In a night. But I'm not hooked. And I can read Chamber of Secrets too. The next day."

And that was it for a very long while.

And then the summer. And it was "I'll just borrow my mother-in-law's copy of Prisoner of Azkaban."

And that was it for a very long while again.

Then it was last month. And I was sitting at the train station, waiting for the train back to Nottingham, and Goblet Of Fire was staring at me.

I read it.

I went home.

I started reading the fanfiction.

I borrowed the first movie from my mother-in-law.

I saw Chamber of Secrets tonight.


I think I'm hooked.


I don't want to be hooked -- I know that this is a loud and proud fandom with plenty of things and fanon and everything -- and I feel weird about joining in something that I'll feel like I'm repeating stuff that's already been done, but, um, dude.

Kinda hooked.

Especially on girlslash.

Yeah, Hermione's an utter prig and Ginny's just this wide-eyed little nothing, but, dude...the potential! Of them all! Angelina the beautiful Gryffindor player, Cho, Fleur....hell, even little Parvati and Lavender, giggling behind their hands.

So. Yes. Hooked.

I apologize.

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