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Kate does the über-meme.

A few I know have done this. Velvetelvis is the one I can point at right away, but I know Asian Bastard did it too.

However, here, I present mine:

100 Things About Me:

  1. My grandparents lived in Saudi Arabia for several years when I was little.
  2. I was taught at home for 5th and 6th grade (11-12 years old).
  3. I've actively worked towards an Enid Coleslaw resemblance.
  4. I went to a math and science speciality school for high school.
  5. I majored in religion at university.
  6. I didn't get drunk enough to be sick until I was 24.
  7. When I was small, I used to get to sleep by daydreaming about being a fairy and having wings sprout of my shoulderblades.
  8. I used to play around in the second grade (7 year old) and one day was playing with my ruler, my eraser, and my box of crayons as a lever type thing. When the teacher sarcastically asked me if I wanted to show the entire class, I did.
  9. My best friend in elementary school introduced me to sushi and green tea ice cream when I was 6.
  10. I had a pogo stick when I was I was too heavy for it.
  11. I have dreams about Buffy characters regularly. None of them are explicit.
  12. The husband and I said that if we were ever going to have a child, we'd name it Jeffrey Sinclair, after the Babylon 5 character.
  13. I have a large collection of Playmobil in L.A.
  14. One of my favorite books as a child was a Time-Life series book about pirates. I would obsessively read it.
  15. My father loved taping Errol Flynn movies at 5 in the morning and then showing them to us the next day.
  16. My mother once worked for a company that sold garden statuary and fountains. At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing to be surrounded by fountains.
  17. I learned BASIC typing one-handed (because I was holding the book, you perverts).
  18. I was a whiz at the original Star Wars arcade game.
  19. My first game machine was an Odyssey 2. I remember really sucking at Pickaxe Pete.
  20. When we got a Nintendo system, my mother bought us a game (not made by Nintendo, of course) with good Christian games on it, including picking fruit before the flood, and rescuing lost sheep.
  21. I used to cheat at Candyland against my six year old sister.
  22. I used to sneak into the kitchen late at night and eat tomatoes like they were apples.
  23. I lived with my grandmother for all of high school.
  24. During my senior year of high school, I ended up regularly vomiting due to stress and too much caffeine. I cut out coffee when I got to university and got better.
  25. My dentist in New Orleans thought I was bulimic due to the state of my teeth. Poor removal of braces, a lifetime of drinking soda and eating lemons were the culprit.
  26. I had braces in fourth grade, when I was 10. I hated them and, at least once a week, I would pull out the wires, no matter how much it hurt or how much I would cut up the sides of my mouth.
  27. My face has been six inches away from Marilyn Manson's crotch. Not at a concert. Luckily, he was fully clothed or else I would still be having nightmares.
  28. I once had someone from a email address threaten me with legal action. I panicked until I went to and saw that it was just a free mail provider.
  29. I got mononucleosis/glanduar fever in my freshman year at university. I still haven't figured out how.
  30. I used to spend every free period I had at high school playing on MUDs.
  31. My first pieces of fanfiction was a huge series about a heavy-duty Mary Sue named Andromeda who came to the Enterprise as a multi-racial 13-year-old genius, spurned Wesley Crusher, met someone who was the grandson of Spock, then went back to the Romulan commander she had been bethrothed to. And that was just the first story.
  32. I used to write Star Trek poetry. Unfortunately, HerWorship can attest to this all too well.
  33. I was published in a few 'zines before I discovered Net fandom. They're all gen/het Star Trek/multi 'zines because I only knew about slash in the most vague of ways.
  34. I had a column reviewing Babylon 5, Lois & Clark, and Sliders episodes from when I was 16 until I was around 22. I was so proud of this fact, I put it on all my college applications, even though it was for a small fanzine.
  35. I used to describe Mardi Gras as "fucking tourists coming in and using this town like a tissue in a porn theater during flu season."
  36. I've never read Confederacy of Dunces and I didn't read Anne Rice until after moving to New Orleans.
  37. I didn't go out drinking at university until my senior year -- before that I was too broke or too annoyed with people when they were drunk.
  38. I didn't go beyond a single kiss with anyone until the summer after my senior year of high school.
  39. I was in love with my best friend during the first three years of high school.
  40. I was a groundskeeping assistant my freshman year at college. I worked in the greenhouse.
  41. I worked in a costume shop for all of two weeks before Halloween one year.
  42. I only got through one book of The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy and I liked the comic book version better.
  43. I used to steal money from my little sister. It was easy, because she'd put it in these purses she collected and then forgot about it.
  44. One time, when I was 14, a guy came to my dad's door at 5 am. Dad had loaned him some money before, because he said his wife was having a baby, and now he said he was going to pay him back. I gave him some money for change, he said he was just going to his car, and I ended up standing outside for about an hour waiting for him. Finally, my dad came looking for me and told me that he was probably just conning us for crack money. I'm still angry over that.
  45. I had a pet garter snake. We didn't know if it was alive or dead for a few months.
  46. When our pet hamster died while we were on vacation (and my mother promptly buried it in the front garden), I was the only one of my siblings to not go and dig it up when we got home.
  47. When we would go swimming, I used to swim down near the floor, sneak up behind my brother, and yank his shorts down. This seemed like the funniest thing to me.
  48. I still can't do the standard freestyle swimming format. I get my breathing and my arms all mixed up.
  49. I've never done anything on skis -- water or snow.
  50. I didn't see snow fall until I moved to England.
  51. When I was in high school, I used to write long entries about how much I wanted rain. When I moved to New Orleans, I got it. In abundance.
  52. I used to have freak-outs during fourth grade. I wouldn't stop crying, and I would regularly spend a few hours in the nurse's office lying down. One time, my stepfather had to get me because I was freaking out so much.
  53. My history teacher and I were the only people I knew watching Twin Peaks when it was airing.
  54. I would regularly cheat on my Bible exams in the third grade.
  55. I once got detention in the fourth grade for failing my Bible study regularly. I was made to copy Bible verses.
  56. When I was in fourth grade, I had a twelfth grade reading level. Or so they said.
  57. I, however, didn't learn my multiplication tables in second grade, so I was a year behind in math.
  58. My grandmother used to build elaborate tents for us in the living room when we were sleeping over. She would also let us dress up in the outfits she brought back from Saudi Arabia. It was all very Arabarian Nights.
  59. I can't have my toenails and my fingernails painted the same color. It feels wrong.
  60. I once shoplifted Clinique lipgloss because they had no one around to serve me so that I could buy it.
  61. I hadn't seen a hardcore porn movie until last year. I still haven't seen a complete one.
  62. My high school campus was on a university campus.
  63. Because we had access to the library, I used to check out all the erotica they had and read it.
  64. My eighth-grade reading list consisted of V.C. Andrews, Stephen King, and Star Trek novels.
  65. I kept most of my religious studies books. If I ever need to pull out The Violence And The Sacred, I know where it is.
  66. I have an irrational fear of large fish. Not like, y'know, "That's a big trout!" but ones as big as I am or bigger. Especially when they're swimming. Because I think they'll attack me. Even if I'm protected by large amounts of glass. Or they're not even in the swimming pool with me.
  67. I also have a fear of falling. Not heights, just falling. I will freak out in glass elevators that rattle.
  68. Strangely, though, sometimes it's less a fear of falling and more of a fear of jumping.
  69. I can not sleep in the same room with someone who is snoring loudly. Either I make them stop, or I get earplugs, or I leave the room.
  70. When I'm tired, the louder things are, the more they freak me out.
  71. I have a t-shirt that says "I like girls" on it. I have been told it disturbs people at work. They can suck it.
  72. I also have a hoodie that has an ad for the Dos Jefes cigar bar on Tchoupitulas in New Orleans. Oddly, I bought it in the TK Maxx in Leicester.
  73. I think life is automatically better if you have a hawaiian shirt.
  74. I ought to be showering right now.
  75. I work much better if I'm warm. I think I'm a lizard.
  76. Life is also better if you have a heat rock.
  77. Moving to England has made it so that around 70 degrees seems warm. I think I would die if I went to New Orleans again.
  78. I have a very low nausea tolerance. People being sick on TV make me feel like I'm going to be sick, and things like curdled milk or mold on dishes make me gag.
  79. I haven't owned a normal bed since I was in high school. I've been sleeping on futons and liking it.
  80. It's taken me over a month to make up this list.
  81. I never could run a mile under 12 minutes. They used to make me run one every Friday morning when I was in junior high.
  82. However, in high school, I was exceedingly good at dance and would regularly take it when offered, including having dance as an elective.
  83. The skinniest I've been as an adult is when I was around 120 pounds in May of 1996. This was after spending a month very ill due to mononucleosis/glandular fever. It didn't last long, since I had been desperately missing good pizza, Rally's french fries, and regular doses of Taco Bell.
  84. I can cook a damn fine pot of chili.
  85. I love seeing cute boys making out.
  86. I love seeing cute girls making out.
  87. I can do without seeing cute boys and girls making out together.
  88. When I'm bored and waiting for the bus, I turn into quite the perv and will gladly look down women's tops.
  89. I shave the tops of my feet to stop looking like a hobbit.
  90. My mother has two half sisters, from when her parents divorced, married other people, had children, then divorced those spouses and married each other.
  91. My little sister was named after a DJ on a Los Angeles classic rock radio station.
  92. When I was 14, I had a crush on Dr. McCoy from Star Trek.
  93. I cried myself to sleep when Gene Roddenberry died.
  94. I was one of the first people in my high school to hear that Kurt Cobain died. I was listening to my walkman in English class and Richard Blade came on KROQ to say what had happened. I then told people in the class.
  95. When I was around 8, the game du jour was something we made up called "Hot Lava Monster." It was a variation on "Tag," best played in a good Southern Californian suburban front yard. The sidewalk area was officially decreed "hot lava," and the grass areas were the safe places. On the sidewalk was the hot lava monster, who would chase after the people on the grass, who would jump and back forth between them. If the monster got you, or you touched the sidewalk, you became the hot lava monster.
  96. When it comes to doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or doing laundry, I will take laundry any time. I am, however, notorious for putting it off as long as physically possible, then doing a large amount at once.
  97. I have a weakness for hipbones.
  98. I passed my human osteology course not by memorizing the names of particular bumps or anything of the sort, but by having a visual spatial memory of where every little piece went. I was very good at the "mystery bone" exams.
  99. I would have gotten a degree in physical anthropology if my university was more enthusiastic about it. However, they generally had the belief that if you weren't studying a group in South America, you weren't really working, and the religious studies department was much more fun.
  100. I can't believe I did this without referring to my about page.

Woo. That was a lot.

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