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Back, with questions and answers

I'm back, and things are cool, but I'm so extremely jet-lagged that I can't do a proper journal entry yet.

So, um, here's just my Blogger Insider questions from the ultra-fabulous Julie.

Regardless of whether or not you actually can/do believe in it, what do you think of the theory that each and every decision you make is played out in an alternate, parallel universe?

It does my head in, but at the same time, I love it -- far too much Star Trek in my life. If I don't write this, then what happens, and is another one being written with all the bits and pieces I've deleted things and oooh, man, it's all fucky-cool. Yay!

Have you ever kept a written journal? How long did you keep it for?

I had one when I was 8 -- it was in a Hello Kitty diary and it was all about how I loved Prince (the musican who became formerly-known-as). Then I had one I started when I was around 12 and kept until I was around 18, which was amusing in how I alternated between talking about how great Star Trek was and having massive identity crises.

OJ - pulp or no pulp?

Some pulp. During my vacation, we had "country style" orange juice, which was some pulp, and it was more than enough. I actually dreaded purchasing "home style" -- would you have to ladle it out into your glass?

OJ - Innocent or guilty?


I see that you like B:TVS and write slash stories. What are your favourite m/f, f/f and m/m pairings in the Buffyverse?

Xander/Anya, because they are my husband and I, Cordelia/Faith, because they're just plain hot, and Giles/Oz, because...well...just because.

You make mention of Chasing Amy. Are you a fan of Kevin Smith's movies? If so, what's your favourite movie, your favourite character and your favourite line? (They don't all have to be from the same movie.)

I love Kevin Smith movies. Chasing Amy is my favorite, because it's probably his tightest and best work and has Banky -- who has to be my favorite character.
Unfortunately, the only line I have going in my head is from the Clerks cartoon:
"You're a fag!"
"No, a fag is a cigarette."
"You're a cigarette!"

What are your thoughts on the British monarchy? Do you think that England should keep them as part of the government or not? More importantly, do you think that Britain could ever justify having Charles' ears on their money and the money of Commonwealth member countries? (Being Canadian, I have a vested interest in this. ;))

Actually, mentioning the possibilty of having Charles on my money sounds like the best reason to keep Elizabeth alive for as long as possible...
I like them in a deeply campy way -- which is, I think, the only way you can merit keeping them around -- they're comedy relief, they're kitsch, and I figure that's enough for me. I appreciate having them around for the sheer beauty of having them.

So why do you live in England anyways?

It was a heck of a lot easier for me to move to England than it was for the husband to move to the States -- immigration's a right bitch.

Parlez-vous francais? Si oui, pour combien d'annees? Si non, pourquoi pas?

"Le sange es sur le branche." Okay, so I can quote Eddie Izzard, but aside from that, pretty much nothing.
I studied Haitian/Louisiana Creole for some stories I was writing, but I wouldn't say that I could write them. Or have decent grammar. Or speak it. Or anything like that.

Do you have a favourite professional sports team? If so, which is it, and which sport do they play?

I don't follow sports. I have a hard enough time keeping track of things as it is.

And I'll have more later. When my head doesn't hurt.

Oh, and read Meg & Mary's amazingly silly and fantastic Elijah/Orlando girl fic. 'Cept they're not turning into girls. Well, they are, but...oh just go read it. It makes me giggle so.

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