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Who am I?

I'm Kate Bolin. Yeah, I know. Using my real name is bad. Big freakin' deal. If you want me, here I am, what you see is what you get, etc. I never really understood the joy people get in pseudonyms.

I'm 24, I live in Nottingham, England, but I was born in Los Angeles. I lived in New Orleans before I moved here, and I'm currently counting down the days until I can achieve UK citizenship. I burned my bridges, baby, and when you call me un-American, I think it's a compliment. That, and I really want to hassle MPs into better actions, and it makes no sense to do that when you can't vote.

I'm married, but primarily lesbian-identified. The best way I can explain it is this:

"You've seen Chasing Amy, right? Well, imagine that Holden doesn't act like a fucking idiot when he finds out about Alyssa's past, maybe because he's less of a jerk, maybe because Silent Bob slaps him upside the head instead of just speakin', whatever. He doesn't act like a jerk, and Alyssa and him get married and have a wonderful life, because that's how movies have to end. Now, replace the comic books with IT and a Babylon 5 addiction and you've got my marriage right there."

I did the whole high school, university, degree thing, but I'm now using skills I learned in my free time working as a web designer at a pretty well known miniature wargaming company. I never mention the name of the company, but the fact that I'm in the middle of building a Lizardman army usually gives it away to people in the know. And the only thing I use the degree for is the occasional shout at the tv during University Challenge.

I write fanfiction. And if you tell me it's "not as real" as "real" fiction, well, there's not much I can do to change your mind, is there? Unless, of course, I write about you. I primarily write Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series, and f/f and m/m slash to boot, but I think that's because I ended up running a hell of a lot archives for those shows. I've been known to fringe-participate in a few more, and would gladly get into more if I found the people involved remotely interesting/attractive (by "people," I mean the people who are in the stories, not the authors. There are many babes in fandom).

I love HTML. It's some sort of zen meditation for me to sit there and write out HTML for hours on end. I lose myself in the language and it's just a glorious ride... I have a very large site at Dymphna.Net, just because I love HTML and will gladly spend hours archiving stories that I like instead of just...I don't know...reading them somewhere else.

The only difference between my "online" personality and my "offline" personality is that I have a tendency to swear less among strangers than I do among friends. Therefore, I use "motherfucker" here and "darn" there.

There's a bit more information in my profile, including what I like to read, watch, and listen to. Mindless drivel like that. And I foolishly did the 100 things about me meme.

If you're really interested, there are my answers to Blogger Insider here, here, here, here, here, and here.

This is my journal. This is a place where I can record what I'm thinking at the time, no matter what that is. Whatever I say in here, it's what I'm feeling. It isn't the law, it isn't the word, it doesn't apply to anyone else or anything else that I'm involved in.

This is a place for me to vent. This is a place for me to work out what I'm saying before I say it. This is a place where, if people want to read it, they can see what I'm thinking and feeling.

I don't have a personal page on my site. I have this.

Because this is a journal, it has a tendency to get slightly more personal and introverted than, say, a blog or a rants page or something of the sort. I try to write it this every day, and I try to have relatively long entries each time.

I may discuss certain aspects of television shows that I watch. I may discuss characterization or concepts or situations. I may attempt to figure out stories. Or praise authors.

But I will always be relatively shallow. No big themes, no big concepts, and if I do bring them in, I have a tendency to do it just the same way I speak them, so they're always in strange little words. I'm not interested in great meta discussions or pretty much anything that starts to sound like overwrought grad school wank. If I wanted that, I would've gone to grad school.

It's designed in SimpleText and Dreamweaver. All the images are now hosted on diaryland, and I generally groove out on it.

My contact info is as follows: Guestbook link above and below, email below, AIM: Dymphna.Net, and ICQ: 3326944.

Also: Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United Kingdom, England, Nottingham, Kate, Female, 21-25!

It's my journal. It's what I'm thinking at the time. And take it or leave it, it's here.

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