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Things I forgot to mention, then questions

One thing I didn't mention about my copy of The Awful Disclosures Of Maria Monk is the cover.

Which is shite.

This historical document has on it...a naked woman with a nun's headdress. I can't read it on the bus, I can't pull it out in public, and if it wasn't for my tired bitter shopping attitude, I would've been horribly embarrassed.

Tacky tacky tacky.


Another thing I meant to mention, but didn't -- on Tuesday, when we went to the pub and movie theatre, we walked there from my workplace. And on the bridge over the train tracks, someone had written with spraypaint:

Prisoner Fans Are Revolting!

Am I amused? Oh yes.


So, today, we watched our Star Wars movies -- bringing back loads of memories. And we were terribly silly as well, coming up with all sorts of terrible jokes.

Which you have to do, of course. If you've been watching Star Wars since you were a tiny little kid, you're bound to go crazy with bad jokes.

There were all the "in bed" jokes, there were "word replacement" jokes, there were the dirty lines from Star Wars jokes, it just went on and on and oh, how we laughed.

Sad us.


So also, today, because I woke up and got online around 6:30 in the freakin' morning, I got my new Blogger Insider partner and, quick as a whistle and just as sudden, we both sent our questions to each other.

The terribly fabulous Autumn wrote these, and you should check out her blog. Says me. And without further ado...

1. Best scene in LoTR 1 (in all its glory on a huge screen with surround sound...)?
For me, because I can be such a sap's when Sam goes after Frodo and nearly drowns. It's that look on his face -- the almost-dead look -- not just because he's drowning, but because Frodo's leaving him. And then Frodo reaches down, and picks him up, and Sam keeps telling him about how he'll never lose him. He'll never leave and I end up sniffling like a girl.

2. What's the best book deal you've ever scored?
I didn't score this, because it was a library book, but it still terribly impresses me.
When I was in high school, I did a project about birth control, and I had to check out a book on Margaret Sanger. And I was terribly impressed with the way she had lived, and what she had fought for, even before I read the book, and when I got it -- it was autographed by Margaret Sanger.
I came this close to just keeping it. If it wasn't for the obscene prices the university library put on books (my high school campus was on a university campus, 'cause we were special like that), I would still have that book.

3. What stereotype drives you up the wall? (This can be as applied to yourself, or as applied to others.)
Girls can't work on computers. Girls can't read comic books. Girls can't play wargames. Basically, everything I get at work every other day. Except by people who know better.
Oh, and that if you're married, you're completely heterosexual. How much do I hate that?

4. Where do we go when we die?
It doesn't matter where we go, because we won't know until we're dead. And when we're dead, we might be able to come back and tell people about it, but how do you know that what you're dealing with is the same thing that they'll be dealing with?
We go where we go.

5. The ultimate meal and dining experience for you would be... (details, girl, details!) (If you want to include dining partners(dead or alive), go for it!)
Okay, right now, being the kitsch fiend that I am...
I would travel back in time to Los Angeles in 1959 and go to Clifton's Cafeteria's Pacific Seas restaurant. There, I would dine in tropic glory in the Mezzanine (where it "rains" every 20 minutes!) before heading to The Garden For Meditation for dessert. Sure, it'd be all steam trays and mediocrity, but look at it! Pacific Seas! Plaster Christ!
I would eat ham with pineapple and drink anything that had an umbrella in it. Afterwards, I would go to the Tiki Ti and have many many drinks with umbrellas and multiple liquors. I'd teeter home on platform sandals, my girdle squeezing all the quality food I've eaten, my lipstick smeared and my life...complete.

6. What's on the "To Do Before I Die" list?
Go to Crete, go to Tunisia, go to Tokyo. Unfortunately, I have this terrible tendency that, whenever I'm in a place where my language is different (including the difference between American and British accents), I'll be very quiet and just refuse to speak unless I absolutely have to. I hate not understanding things. So I get very reserved.

7. The accomplishment that you're the most proud of is...?
Right now, submitting something to the BBC New Sitcom Writers Talent Competition. In general, moving to England.

8. What's your stance on the whole Shakespeare authorship debate?
I occasionally like to pretend that Shakespeare was actually a time-traveller from the 23rd century who took his "Complete collection of Shakespeare" back in time and became Shakespeare, therefore creating a giant bizarre time paradox that only the smartest of theoretical physicists (and die-hard Star Trek geeks) would understand.
Aside from that, I have no opinion.

9. What led you to (a) writing fanfic, and (b) becoming so involved in the fanfic world?
Writing fanfic just happened. I wanted to write stories, I was 13, I was obsessed with Star Trek: The Next Generation, one thing lead to another.
Then when I was in university, a friend of mine was hooked on Forever Knight fanfiction, and I learned more about it, and then I got into Babylon 5 and...well...Babylon 5 lead to Buffy and Buffy lead to joining lists and joining lists eventually lead to running lists and it all just sort of happened, you know?
You discover you like doing one thing, but you'd really like to see something else too. So you start with that something else and there really isn't a place to put it so you and your friends start a list or a site and then other people go "Wow, I want in on that" and before you know it, you're coming close to 5000 stories and you're running it all by yourself.

10. Best thing about SW: Episode 2? Worst thing?
In my dykeadelic mood, the best thing would be Amidala's "mistress of pain" leather corset. In my geek mood, it's Jango Fett and his bad-ass self. And his bad-ass kid. And Fetts just rule.
The worst thing would be Anakin. He is just annoying as all hell. Can't wait for him to become Vader because then, at least, when he whines, it won't be at levels only dogs can hear.


The husband put Angel on. Truly, it's love.

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