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Another nerdy day in the neighborhood...

It's warm outside for the first time in a very long while. I went out in my long shorts, a t-shirt, and a shirt over that and I felt good. Really good. New Orleans in the early spring good. It was warm, the sun was out, and it was just...good.

We spent most of today in town buying comics. Intensely nerdy, yes. But there was a comics fair on and he buys trading cards and I pick up terrible X-title back issues for under 50 p and it's just nerdy fun.

I found an old Princess Leia action figure. For 2. It had to be mine.

Then we went to a comic book store and I ended up finally getting The Invisibles graphic novel I wanted, and I'm currently in the middle of it (I keep on being interrupted by things).

(in fact, I'm not updating any sites today 'cause after I write this, I'm going to sit on the bed and finish it. It means I have around five sites to update tomorrow, but fuck it -- I have the lifestory of Lord Fanny to read. As if I'm going to update!)

I also signed up to have comics reserved for me in a box. Which is a big step for me.

While I was unemployed, I told myself I didn't have money for comics. I would get one. Or two. But no more because I. Didn't. Have. Money. For. Comics.

But now that I have a job, I theoretically have money for comics. I can buy Grant Morrison's X-Men. I can buy Evan Dorkin's work.

I can have a box at Forbidden Planet for my comics. Mine. That I will collect and read and enjoy.


Also saw antitrust today., which was enjoyable crap. Kinda less enjoyable than Hackers, but more enjoyable than most movies I've seen recently. Ryan Phillipe is a pretty boy, which is always amusing, and the plot wasn't that bad. Claire Forliani intensely irks me though. I need to figure out why. I think it's just that I don't like her face.

I like Rachel Leigh Cook, though. And again, I must figure out why. I think it's because she looks like a little pixie creature. Which is good enough for me.

Entertaining crap. That's my review.

We also spent over 10 at the cinema store, and because of this, tomorrow morning we get to go to a sneak preview of The Mummy Returns. I am weirdly psyched for this. I'm willing to get up at 7:30 (on a Sunday!), walk to a different bus stop, and go into town so that I can be there for the 9:30 preview showing.

It's free! It's The Mummy Returns! It's mindless entertaining goodness that I love!

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