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Yeah, I was tired again. Too tired to post, too tired to do really anything.

Wait, no, I did do something last night. I wrote a fucking bizarre and yet utterly fabulous story about Cordelia and Faith being ultrasuperstars because of the nationwide outing of the demon underworld and both of them finding and seducing Britney and having their wicked wicked way with this popgoddess.

The New Stars -- a terribly inept attempt at something kinda like Grant Morrison's Gideon Stargrave stories in The Invisibles, but with a lot less end-of-the-world and a bit more graphic sex.

So that was good. I like it when I can churn out something particularly sleazy and tasty within the period of a night. I think that, since I've moved, I've mellowed out with the fanfiction writing -- mainly because I no longer have late nights of chain smoking and swearing, but, at the same time, what I'm putting out is a bit better -- different, freakier, fabulous.

I don't know. I just know I'm having fun.

Spend a few years slaving away or stuck somewhere waiting and then all of the sudden -- bam! -- all the demons and the vampires are out of the closet and into the limelight and one badass slayer and a higher being with some visions and her own set of headlights are bank.

Sure, there was a bit of animosity when they came back together, but a couple of nights on the town and realizing that Buffy and the Sunnydaliens were too wrapped up in their private psychodramas and Angel was convinced that this was all a hallucination while he was playing under the sea... Well, you can see where this is going, right?

And it was fantastic. Late nights, glittering parties, the queens of the underworld slipping and sliding through club and bar and celebrity life. The women who run with werewolves, saving the world before closing time.


Been positively swamped at work training up this new guy. And the less I say about that, the better, to be honest, because I'm not cut out for training people.

I point to things and I say "Do it like that" and they go "But I don't know how" and all I can say is "Just follow it. Do what it is."

Very Nijinsky of me. Do as I have done, no matter your talents.

Although, honestly, HTML isn't a talent. It's just a skill. A semi-language picked up and rehashed over and over until it's right and imbedded in your mind. It's like learning Spanish. Or Pig Latin.

So it ought to be easier to just pick up pages and follow them, learn what code does what and where and how, because, dude, that's the way I learned, but I guess it isn't so easy.

Do as I have done. It's all right there for you, laid out in the clean white space of pixels and tags. Follow the path and reach the truth.


So very tired. I think I have just enough energy to answer some email and then it's toddling off to bed like a small child, stuffed monkey under one arm and rubbing my eye with the other.

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